Plastic roller sleeves

Plastic Roller Sleeves

Our newest designs, both are industry exclusives.  The worlds Only paddle (long groove) roller, precision CNC machined.  Fit strong, ES paint cages and most standard paint roller cages. Made from chemically resistant HDPE making them a perfect solution for large panels made from chemically sensitive materials such as epoxy and vinyl esters.

Thin fin, machined plastic roller sleeves, machined to the exact standards of our popular aluminum sleeves.  Made from HDPE for superior clean up properties that have made our plastic rollers the world’s standard for easy to clean solutions for open mold lamination.


Plastic Thin Fin Roller Combinations / Roller Sleeves

esmfg10810PR2003002″ Diameter x 3.0″ (50 x 75mm)8H1020030PSS
810PR2004002″ Diameter x 4.0″ (50 x 100mm)8H1020040PSS
810PR2007002″ Diameter x 7.0″ (50 x 180mm)8H1020070PSS
810PR2009002″ Diameter x 9.0″ (50 x 225mm)8H1020090PSS

Plastic Lg.Groove Roller Combinations / Roller Sleeves

esmfg11880PR 200 3002″ Diameter x 3.0″ (50 x 75mm)8H80 200 30PLS
880PR 200 4002″ Diameter x 4.0″ (50 x 100mm)8H80 200 40PLS
880PR 200 7002″ Diameter x 7.0″ (50 x 180mm)8H80 200 70PLS
880PR 200 9002″ Diameter x 9.0″ (50 x 225mm)8H80 200 90PLS