Spray-up 200

For more than 20 years the SPRAY-UP 200 has been the FRP industry working equipment virtually

used in all kind of reinforced plastic pieces production and it is provided by a strong internal mixing gun, and the gun assembled to a high performance glass cutter with direction control.SPRAY-UP 200

Catalyst injector with 5,5 liters capacity atomize the catalyst on the injector and has a 10 – 180 cc/min out put.

The resin pump (ratio 4 : 1) is the extremely safe double action requesting low maintenance.

The surge chamber, filter, air motor lubricant are standard components.

Air manifold with pressure regulators and air filter mounted in the mast equipment with easy access.

Roving brake, ceramic guides and two roving boxes rack incorporated to the arms set.

Air Required: 20 cfm a 100 psi
Out Put: 9 kg/min
Weight: 170 kg